Skin Care for Beginners

I am 23 and I have only recently begun to take my make up off before I go to bed. I was one of those fortunate souls who never had to battle acne throughout my teenage years, which I fear might have tipped me over the edge as an emotionally unstable, cripplingly shy 14-20 year old.

However, about a year ago I made the decision to stop taking the contraceptive pill. Pros: I was not so depressed anymore and felt, in general, a lot more upbeat and mentally healthy. Cons: Spots-a-plenty.

So, in my 23rd year on this planet, I dragged myself to Lush on Oxford Street and confessed to the team member (who obviously approached me first) that I’m useless with skin care and rarely take a wipe to my face pre-bedtime. After a brief telling off and mini-lecture, I told her that I just wanted something basic and simple to help me take better care of my face. I’m a soap and water gal and my beauty and hygiene regimes tend to err on the low maintenance side so it was essential that the new products didn’t demand too much of me otherwise I just wouldn’t stick to it, like a juice fast in January. One year on, I have now learnt what cleanser is and what toner is so I must be doing something right. It’s all a learning curve after all.

My must have beauty products centre mostly on goodies from Lush, The Body Shop and B (the Superdrug skincare brand). I’ve been an ethical vegan for four and a half years so cruelty-free, vegan products are a must.

3 Skincare Tips/Products: 


  1. My first tip is to use sun cream. I’m afraid to tell you that I don’t thrive in hot places. Family holidays were (1st world problems) a bit of a nightmare as I sat underneath a parasol next to my two sun-kissed, not-so-pale sisters who were basking in the sun. I meanwhile sat shaking in SPF 50 as the prickly heat kicked in to much of my discomfort. One holiday in Spain I was reading Adrian Mole: The Prostrate Years (R.I.P Sue, forever in our hearts) and the nickname Adrian Mole, famed for his gawky, awkward navigation of the world, was given to me and, as I feared, stuck for the remainder of the duration. Anyhow, with that memory now back to being repressed, my skin is pale and sensitive and I get burnt easily. So, I resolved to start wearing sun cream. Every. Single. Day. Without exception. Even in the depths of winter I wear sun cream. I just wear Superdrug own brand sun cream but I’ve spotted and been waiting to get my grubby, pale mitts on The Body Shop’s new Skin defence Multi-Protection Essence, which has an SPF of 50 with a nice dose of Vitamin C. Neato.


2. Dear the lovely lady in Lush who told me off and showed me some lotions and potions to try,

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Lovely Lush lady (I regret to inform you that I have forgotten her name, but she is lovely) showed me two basic products to use to take of my make up at night and my god did they do the trick. The first product was the 9 to 5 cleansing lotion. I really get stuck in with this one rubbing it all over my face. It’s really quite cathartic.  I must be holding on to some underlying anger (note to self: see therapist). Then to follow, the dessert of my evening skin care regime, the cleansing water. It’s refreshing but it’s quite a shock if you squirt it straight onto face from bottle, a la Belle. The day the lady in Lush showed me this was the first day of the rest of my life – as far as skincare went anyway. It’s simple and lovely and smells a dream. 10/10 in my limited selection of skincare related books.


3. One day, after an invigorating workout which was then followed and offset by a big slice of carrot cake from Greenwich Market, I walked into Superdrug. And so began a modern love story between a millennial who spends way too much money on candles and some skincare products. I am a marketing campaign’s dream BTW. While aware of the B brand, a skincare novice like myself had only looked but not touched. First off, I had a lovely little self-esteem lift as it appeared that I had not even entered B’s “Phase 1” yet. “Phase 1” is for those old, cranky folk aged 25 to 30. But I am not 25 yet! I still have the elixir of youth and an extra spring in my step! The day I turn 25 will be the day I enter “Phase 1” of growing old and dying and I, therefore, am still in the prime of life. Oh, the joys of being young. While I have not entered Phase 1, I thought “fuck it I’m a mature, adult woman who needs some night cream, ain’t nobody gunna tell me what to do”. I bought the B’s B. Confident Night Serum and have felt fresher ever since. The end.


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